Holy Spirit JOY

Amy Stoehr

 Because of the abundant presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives, the disciples were overflowing with happiness.  Acts 15:32

Today I was loving listening to the Daily Audio Bible with Brian Hardin, as I do each day, when the Holy Spirit ignited this sentence in my mind!  I played it back 10 times, I looked it up and I thought about it.  I've learned that when something in God's amazing Word seems to jump out at me, it's an invitation from the Holy Spirit.  He is the One Who illuminates the Word on this inside of us as we meditate on the verses and ask Him for more.  He will reveal Truth that will set us free to a new level of living by the Spirit! The precious Holy Spirit longs to reveal Truth  in our spirit continually. He desires us to know His Truth for the journey, Truth that will allow His glory to be seen in our lives.  Why were the disciples, the new followers of Christ in Antioch, overflowing with joy? They were overflowing with joy because of the abundant presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  The Holy Spirit lives in every believer, and every one of us has a choice as to how much of Him we will allow to truly fill us! I am determined to invite His abundance presence in my life, and I expect His joy to be overflowing.  His joy will overtake us in spite of  natural circumstances, which are subject to change.  His joy prevails even in the midst of sadness, confusion or circumstances out of our control.

Precious Holy Spirit, thank you for dwelling in us.  We love and worship You with all of our heart, soul mind and strength.  We lift our hands to you in surrender and honor. Fill us afresh with your overflowing joy now, In Jesus' Name.