We are proud to support and partner with ministries birthed within our community and outside of it, all united with one goal: to bring hope to the hopeless and healing to broken places.  

"Go into the world and announce the message of God's good news to all people." -Mark 16:16


Women of Purpose - Women…..loved beyond measure, God’s chosen, precious treasure, strategically created by God to bring heaven to earth in our family, church, relationships, workplace and world.  This ministry is led by Amy Stoehr and her team of excited leaders and is celebrating almost 30 years of gathering, encouraging, equipping, mobilizing and uniting God’s brilliant women of every age, culture and background. You are invited!

Weekly Monday Night Studies: 6:30-8:00pm at The River. New Summer Series.

Women’s Connect:  Lead or Join a women’s Connect Group on prayer, young moms, career, exercise, dinner……you name it!

River Kids - We believe that teaching children to love God and others takes place in both the home and in the church. For this reason we seek to partner with parents (the greatest teachers of all) and teachers in a plan to present amazing Sunday lessons that are re-enforced throughout the week.  Through fun experiences, meaningful worship, understandable teaching and ministry that encourages kids to participate, we present Bible teaching in a powerful, relevant way, creating moments which children will never forget. Our goal is to raise up a generation of purpose, passion, prayer and power…children who know their God, know they are loved and are ignited to love this world.

Summer Nights at The River: From Faith to Faith - Wednesday nights at the River are strategically designed for growing in God’s Word and building relationships. You will be strengthened in your walk through prayer, fellowship, testimonies and Bible Study.  All Church prayer at 6 pm is our most important gathering. Dinner in the Courtyard at 6:30...a wonderful time of connecting and fun just being together. Wednesdays are an important part of our culture of family and growth in God's Word!

Marriage Ministry -  As the marriage goes, the family goes.  As the family goes, the church goes.  As the church goes, the community goes.  As the community goes, so the nation goes.  Couples Connect groups, marriage events and conferences and marriage resources help to strengthen the marriages and families of our church.

Connect Groups - River Connect Groups are a great way to make new friends, build strong relationships and grow spiritually in smaller groups on a regular basis. Whether it is through studying the Bible together, serving alongside one another, or sharing a common interest, you will enjoy the blessing of sharing life together at The River Connect Groups!  Sign up at the River Connect Center Sundays.

Valor Men - As part of the Valor Men’s Ministry, you will have the opportunity to grow, with other men, in a strong and committed walk with Jesus Christ. You will be inspired to become all that God has created you to be. We invite you to join us monthly for our Men’s Night on Fourth Monday's, and weekly in our Men’s Connect Groups.

River Life Classes -  The River Life Track classes were designed with you in mind, and how we can make a difference united together.  Whether you are new to The River or have been attending for a while, you will love these four classes.  In the first class, we will share the history and vision of the church (101),  the second and third classes cover the foundations of the Christian faith and what we believe (102, 103) and the fourth covers how you and your family can connect and flourish as valued members of the church. (104). Classes meet after church Sundays.  Register at the Connect Center.

Outreach to Camp Pendleton Families-We love our military families and are focused on serving, blessing and strengthening them in a variety of ways.

Connect Group for 20's-30's - Saturday Nights 5:30 to 7:00 are a great time of worship, connecting, coffee and a powerful teaching in a casual setting.  See you in the Courtyard, with some pretty amazing people!


Partner Ministries

California Prison Ministry - Lead by Dorothy Turman and Lupe Lopez, California Prison Ministry exists to bring hope and redemption to incarcerated populations and their families.

Second Chance - Led by longtime River friend, CJ Orndorff, Second Chance brings hope through worship concerts  and preaching throughout prisons across the country.  CJ and Laury are based in Nashville Tenessee.

Brian and Pamela Jourden, Generation Won - Missionaries in South Africa,  Generation Won Outreach focuses on evangelism, church planting, school planting, justice teams and aid relief in South Africa, UK, and USA. 

Richard and Sara Michalski - For over 40 years, our dear friends Richard and Sarah have been committed to bringing Christ and His Word to Russia, Ukraine, China, Mexico and the US. Richard has graduated to heaven while Sara continues with this powerful ministry. Learn more at www.impactmin.org.    

Angel Tree -  Angel Tree, a ministry of Prison Fellowship, reaches out to families of the incarcerated, helping to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs through Christ. 

Christ for All Nations - Evangelists Reinhardt Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda and their teams minister through mass crusades worldwide. 

Voice of the . Martyrs - Supporting the persecuted Church worldwide through prayer and resources and increasing awareness.


Firm Believers in Christ (FBI) - Art Montgomery and his teams are passionately dedicated to seeing lives transformed through prayer and evangelism and training the church to effectively share the love of Christ everywhere, with everyone. 

Gleaning Fields Foundation -  Led by Ms. Rosa Davis, the Gleaning Field  has been serving the homeless and low-income families of North SD County for over 30 years, and has pioneered the first church for the homeless in our community. 

Bishop and Mrs. Jan Lake - Bishop Lake serves as the district bishop for the Southern California Pentecostal Church of God. Learn more about our leaders here.

GACX Global Alliance for Church Multiplication  -  Led by Bekele Shanko, GACX is a partnership of ministries dedicated to the Great Commission and planting 5 million churches through prayer and evangelism and prayer.

Lifestreams - We support this vibrant group of leaders who are partnering to change culture in our region. This group is led by Lauren Hasson and her team.  www.lifestreams.org

Igniting Prayer Action- We are honored to partner with Colin and Nancy Millar in powerful prayer for nations and igniting prayer.

Jewish Voice -  Dedicated to bringing the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) to the Jewish and Gentile peoples of the world. 

TMR The Marriage Resource of North County- Pastor Matt and Amy Stoehr serve as the Prayer Team coordinators of this ministry that strengthens marriages and families in our region.



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